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Product comparison: peanut butters!

March 31, 2019

We not only have multiple brands to choose from these days but multiple varieties within the same brand! This is not just for peanut butter but for most foods!

Today I selected 2 x Bega peanut butters and 2 x Sanitarium peanut butters and give you the low down!

The Bega smooth peanut butter and Sanitarium crunchy peanut butter might be considered the ‘normal’ variety of peanut butter for these brands. The Bega ‘Simply Nuts’ and Sanitarium ‘Natural’ might be considered the ‘healthier’ variety of peanut butter for these brands.

So let’s take a look:

Per 100g Calories  Protein (g) Carb      (g) Sugars (g) Fat (g) Saturated

Fat (g)

Sodium (mg)
Bega ‘Smooth’ Peanut Butter


619 24 13 9 52 10 577
Bega ‘Simply Nuts’ Peanut Butter


672 31 13 6 54 7 170
Sanitarium ‘Natural’ Peanut Butter


612 30 9 6 49 5 5
Sanitarium ‘Crunchy’ Peanut Butter


612 30 7 6 51 9 400


You can indeed see that the ‘healthier’ versions from both Bega and Sanitarium contain much less sodium than their same brand counterparts.

Sodium content (‘healthier’ peanut butter vs ‘normal’ peanut butter from each brand):
Bega (577mg vs 170mg) and Sanitarium (400mg vs 5mg)

Besides the sodium content, the only other nutrients that show a large-ish disparity is sugar and saturated fat.

Bega’s ‘normal’ peanut butter is highest (9g sugar per 100g) vs all the other peanut butter’s on the list (6g sugar per 100g).

Saturated Fat: 
Bega’s ‘normal’ peanut butter is highest (10g per 100g) vs Sanitarium’s ‘natural’ peanut butter (5g per 100g).

Nutrition? The largest difference we see is in the sodium content, with Sanitarium’s ‘natural’ peanut butter being the lowest and qualifying as a ‘low sodium product’ – a useful piece of information for those with high blood pressure who love peanut butter! Bega’s ‘simply nuts’ peanut butter is doing pretty well at 170mg per 100g but this falls into being ‘moderate in sodium.’

Taste? My favourite is the Bega ‘simply nuts’ variety – this is a new product and I find it beats all the other in taste! #notsponsored #willneverbesponsored

Athletes? – Depending on the sport and level in the sport, athletes usually don’t need to be concerned about choosing very low sodium products (the more one sweats, the more one loses sodium and hence the more that needs to be replaced through diet.)

Although, things become complicated for athletes with high blood pressure. Always best to check with an Accredited Sports Dietitian about your individual needs!



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