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Product comparison: tonic, mineral and soda water

April 8, 2019

This is another part of the supermarket that confuses everyone – the difference between tonic, mineral and soda water!


Per 100ml*

Calories Carbohydrate (g) Sugar (g)

Sodium (mg)

Tonic water

37 9 9 9

Diet Tonic water

2 0 0


Mineral water

0 0 0


Soda water 0 0 0


*All from the Schweppes brand


As you can see, tonic water is the only one that contains a mentionable amount of calories (37 calories per 100ml).

Given the calorie content of the tonic water, you wonder where the energy is coming from. The label reveals the calories are coming from 9g of carbohydrate/sugar per 100ml. Coke has 11g of sugar per 100ml. Therefore, for those with diabetes or those who are concerned about their sugar intake, the carbohydrate/sugar content of tonic water needs to be watched/counted against their total intake.

This is the most astounding revelation – the drink with the highest level of sodium is actually the diet tonic water at 31mg per 100mg. Soda and tonic water have a similar amount (10mg vs 9mg per 100ml respectively.) Mineral water has the lowest sodium content of the lot at 7mg/100ml. For those with high blood pressure I would caution the use of any of these drinks in large quantities, especially diet tonic water. The sodium content of tap water varies considerably so it is beyond the scope of this article to comment on tap water!

Water remains the best drink. Using tonic, diet tonic, soda or mineral drinks in moderation/small quantities confers some increase in sodium intake and for tonic water, some increase in calorie and carbohydrate/sugar intake. Those who should be least concerned about these types of drinks, especially tonic and diet tonic water?.. Those with large energy expenditures and normal blood pressure.

Isn’t it good to know the difference!?


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