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Product Review: Jordans Low Sugar Granola

October 2, 2018

The good news: this product really IS low in sugar! Granted, we have fairly strict product labelling laws in Australia, but it is still wonderful to see TRUTH plastered across the front of a product, rather than the alternative!!

Per 100g, this granola has 4.8g sugar (LOW).

Other notable nutrients (per 100g) are:

7.4g of fibre (HIGH),
10mg sodium (VERY LOW),
2.2g saturated fat (LOW).

For more information on how to understand food labels, click here.

As for taste? Well, be prepared, it’s not as sugary as you expect cereal to be, but perhaps with more products like this we can create a new taste norm?

I give this product a thumbs up and SO, from the cereal aisle, we finally have another option!

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