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Sustagen Sport – Product Review

January 8, 2019

Ever wondered who uses Sustagen Sport? Who needs Sustagen Sport? What Sustagen Sport is for? What Sustagen Sport tastes like? What is in Sustagen Sport? Where you can buy Sustagen Sport?

Sportrition will answer all your questions!

What is Sustagen Sport for?
Sustagen Sport is a formulated supplementary sports food which must be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet (this means that it is not capable of acting as a complete meal replacement).

It is essentially what the name suggests – a supplementary sports food – it is something that can supplement a diet to provide even more nutrients and calories.

Who uses Sustagen Sport? 
As the name suggests, this product is directed at athletes or very active people. It is certainly not a necessary product for the general population but NOR is it necessarily an ESSENTIAL product for an athlete or very active person who eats an adequate and well balanced diet.

What does Sustagen Sport taste like?
I personally have always liked the taste of Sustagen Sport. I find the powder version and the ready-to-drink UHT version taste quite different. The powder version, for me, has a bit of a metallic taste, while the UHT version does not.

Sustagen Sport comes in two flavours: chocolate and vanilla. They are both very sweet and very milky.

What is in Sustagen Sport?
Per serve (chocolate flavour 60g – keep in mind, 60g is quite a lot of powder!) = 225 calories, 14.7g protein, 0.4g fat (0.2g saturated fat), 39.7g carbohydrate (34.4g sugar), 150mg sodium.

Per 100g chocolate flavour = 375 calories, 24.5g protein, 0.6g fat (0.4g saturated fat), 66.2g carbohydrate (57.3g sugar), 250mg sodium.

It is fortified with vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and potassium. Therefore, it acts somewhat as a multi-vitamin as well and you should be very cautious about using supplements as well as this product in combination as you may be taking in excess dosages of certain vitamins and minerals.

Where can you buy Sustagen Sport?
It is available in most large supermarkets such as Woolworths and Coles, as well as some pharmacies.

Who needs Sustagen Sport?
Well, it’s arguable that no one actually NEEDS Sustagen Sport, but there are a few people who MAY benefit from its use.

These include athletes or very active people who;
– struggle to eat after exercise (thereby making use of Sustagen Sport as a recovery aid), or
– are time poor or finish a training/game very late in the evening and may need to throw it into a smoothie with fruit and other ingredients to become a dinner type meal, or
– who struggle to eat enough solid food or who struggle to keep their weight up (heavy weight rowers, for example), or
– who have long commutes after finishing a training/game and need a transportable/non-perishable recovery snack.

In conclusion, the answer to who NEEDS Sustagen Sport is highly dependent on the athlete/very active person and what their total dietary pattern and lifestyle looks like. Use of this product should be guided by an Accredited Sports Dietitian. You can find a local Accredited Sports Dietitian here.




This article is not sponsored or endorsed by Nestle or Sustagen Sport. I accept no sponsorships, gifts or financial rewards from the food or supplement industry.





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