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Research Review: Protein intake in the early recovery period after exhaustive exercise improves performance the following day – by Sollie et al (2018)

January 14, 2019

This study involved 8 elite male cyclists in a double-blind, randomised, crossover design.

After exhaustive cycling, one group was given carbohydrate (0.8g/kg/hr) plus protein (0.4g/kg/hr) OR carbohydrate alone (1.2g/kg/hr) over the following 2hr (the two groups had equal total calories).

After an 18hr recovery window, cycling performance was assessed with a 10 second sprint test, 30min of cycling at W73% and a cycling time trial.

The time trial was 8.5% faster after carbohydrate and protein, compared to carbohydrate alone.

The outcome of this study suggests that carbohydrate plus protein after exhaustive exercise helps recovery and positively influences sprint performance the following day. over and above just carbohydrate alone.

This type of study involving an 18hr recovery window (typical of stage race cycling) has never been done before.

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