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Product Review: Revvies

February 15, 2017

Revvies! Caffeine in a strip.

Does anyone remember those listerine breath strips you put in the roof of your mouth and let dissolve? That’s exactly what Revvies are, though unlike listerine, these strips aren’t for your breath, but are for enhancing sports performance as each strip contains 40mg caffeine.

Caffeine can be great for sport, particularly endurance activities, as it has the effect of reducing our perception of effort. That is, it makes things feel easier!

These strips are sugar-free and come in two flavours – Arctic Charge and Tropical Hit.

The good news is, they are also Informed Sport certified. This means the product is batch tested for banned substances. For more information on Informed Sport, see: or talk to your Accredited Sports Dietitian.

After trying these myself, I find them to be a fresh tasting, portable and convenient way to use caffeine during sport.

I am able to access Revvies at wholesale price. If you would like to get some Revvies at a discounted rate as well as receive personalised advice on how best to use them for your particular event/sport, contact me here 🙂

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