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Product Review: Roasted Chic Peas

November 21, 2017

My clients are always on the hunt for nutritious portable snacks that go beyond the classic items such as fruit, natural yoghurt, wholegrain crackers and cheese, a handful of nuts, a glass of milk, healthy home baked goods, or veggie sticks and a nutritious dip…
(Keep in mind that athletes or very active people have a lot more snack options due to their higher energy needs).

Most pre-packaged goods in the supermarket are nutritionally atrocious and fit the ‘discretionary’ food list all too easily, yet we all still search the shelves for something that resembles real food, but in a convenient form.

Enter The Happy Snack Company‘s Roasted Chic Peas (I looked at the ‘lightly salted’ variety)! Another thing I can add to the ‘healthy snack list’ for my weight and/or health conscious clients.

The ingredient list reads: Chickpeas (90%), canola oil, sea salt 0.3%, garlic powder.

Per serve (individual packets of 25g) they contain: 96 calories, 5.6g protein, 2.7g fat (0.3g saturated), 9.9g carbohydrate (0.9g sugar), 5.2g fibre and 62mg sodium.

The fibre content of 5.2g per serve means we can call this snack ‘high in fibre’! 5.6g of protein also shouldn’t be laughed at. Andddd when we combine a decent amount of fibre and protein we get a very satiating snack (meaning, it keeps you fuller for longer… exactly what we want with our mid-meal snacks!) The sodium content is low and ok for all of us who are healthy (it is not an advisable snack for those with high blood pressure).

P.S legumes are also considered a vegetable so we easily meet a vegetable serve with this snack!

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